Standing Pillar Outdoor LED Display

 Standing Pillar Outdoor LED Display :

Standing Pillar style is the most popular style for outdoor advertising LED Display . It consists of 3 main parts,
1. the underground base constructor.
2. the Steel Columns.
3. The LED Display fixed framework.

Standing Pillar Outdoor LED Display system
Standing Pillar Outdoor LED Display system

The Standing pillar also can be divided into the single pillar, dual pillar or multiple pillars. It depends on the size of the LED Screen. The pillar has to be stronger to support the weight of the whole LED Display Screen. So the side and thickness are also needed to be different depending on the size. 

In today’s ever changing environment, technology plays a crucial role. BCMG is creating better display options for promotion, entertainment and communication. We specialize in smart LED solutions that create WOW factor for brands. Our  are LED Display made by best technology.With various permutations and combinations we create  highly customizable Indoor, semi outdoor and outdoor LED display system.

We provide end-to-end solutions, making it easier for client to incorporate LED video walls in their Communication/Advertisement system. Our 360° solution includes hardware, software, installation, customization, content & support.

Depending upon the viewing distance the pixel pitches are decided for LED display. We provide best range of pixel pitches . As per the prerequisite of client’s site the LED display option is suggested and even customized.

DIP technology based outdoor LED Display are suitable for larger audience and open, spacious premises. These LED Display are high brightness and contrast displays. Rugged, waterproof & weatherproof, suitable for outdoor environment

We have developed LED displays in very innovative way for advertising in malls, commercial building, glass walls etc. These types of displays are generally used for mass advertising purposes. We deal in large outdoor and indoor multi color electronic LED displays, LED signs and LED Signage suppliers for major advertising campaigns. These are placed on highways, stadiums, arrival and departure gates on airport. LED displays for schools or shops and malls highlight their products and services

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