Fire Resistant Door

Use advantages:

  1. This door system for 30 minutes for firefighters. 30 minutes for firefighters to control the fire being easy.
  2. through this door can prevent a major accident.

Product: Code=202, Price=20000

The Delivery Method of Fire Door

  • Home delivery,
  • Out of Dhaka, extra courier
  • Delivery charges in Dhaka = 50 rupees, out of Dhaka = 100.

It’s you outside of Dhaka (nearest) SA transport/mother/must be courier Sundarbans. We’ll send you Fire Resistant Door

Your total price of = goods + courier charges will. Courier charges (BDT 100)

you will be required to provide advance By ( Bkash=01711573117) (Rocket=01613008008)

Remaining price transport Office products while taking payment.
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